Allu Arjun – The Most Followed South Star on Social Media

Pushpa The Rise is one of the biggest movies of the year, and Allu Arjun has done a great job of making it popular in India. He has recently achieved a new milestone on social media newsstock, with 6.5 million followers on Twitter. This feat makes him the most followed South star on Twitter, surpassing Thalaivi Rajinikanth. It is only a matter of time before he surpasses Rajinikanth, who has 1.2 million followers.

Twitter is a great place to keep up to date with the latest celebrity gossip. Allu Arjun is quite active on Instagram, with 16.2 million followers and only 821K followers. He also has his wife Sneha Reddy on Instagram. In addition to his Twitter account, Allu Arjun has a huge following on Facebook, with 21 million followers and twenty-one accounts that he manages to follow. In fact, he has a lot of fans, making his Twitter account one of the most popular Indian stars.

Allu Arjun has made a great impression on Twitter, as he has become one of the most popular celebs in Tollywood. Not only has he impressed the crowd with his acting skills eslife, but his film has also set several records. His fans have made a trend on Twitter centered around his image and style, which was even shared on Reddit. Interestingly, his followers didn’t stop tweeting about him after his film had released, and his fans had created a hashtag #IndianStyleIconAlluArjun.

One of the reasons why Allu Arjun is so popular is his film, Pushpa. The film has surpassed the 100 crore mark in the Hindi box office and made a big splash in the South. It’s also now being released on OTT. The movie has won the hearts of his fans, and he is a coveted star in the South. So, what is he doing in the Twittersphere to gain so much fame?

The movie is being dubbed into Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi, and has a theatrical release date of 17 December 2021. The film is considered a mass material, but its trailer was cut perfectly. With so many other actors and actresses in the film, the cast and crew were impressed by its potential. It’s a perfect trailer for the film, so it’s definitely worth checking out newsvilla.

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