Different types Of Shipping Boxes Wholesale

When shipping and moving, it’s important to use the right boxes. There are many containers for different items, so learning about your options will help you find the best box for what you need to ship. Here we will tell you about different types of shipping boxes wholesale from Alibaba.

Three-layer slotted Boxes

Slotted containers are the most common type of shipping box, and you can use them for any item that does not require extra protection. You can use them to ship small items or products that you must protect from damage in transit. These boxes contain corrugated cardboard with slots cut into them, creating a compartment within the box. These compartments create a rectangular cube shape inside each container when stacked together.

Cases and crates are also slotted containers, but they have more than one level instead of just one compartment per container, like regular slotted containers. You can use slotted cases to ship items that must remain upright during transit. This is especially true when shipping larger items such as machinery or building materials.

Boxes with custom logo

These boxes are the best option for shipping items that require a lot of protection. You can customize them for your business from Alibaba. It is sturdier than cardboard and also easier to store. Full-telescoping boxes for heavy-duty shipping to protect against bumps and jolts during transit.

This type of box is also known as a “triple wall” or “double wall” box due to its three layers: one on the outside, another in between two pieces of corrugated board, and another outer layer on top.

The main benefit is that they offer better protection than other containers since they have multiple walls instead of just one flat piece of cardboard or chipboard. This means more space inside so you can pack items more closely together without worrying about damage occurring during transit.

Half-Telescoping Boxes

Half-telescoping boxes are the least expensive and most flexible option. They’re great for shipping smaller items, but you can also use them to ship heavy items without breaking your budget or your back. They have some limitations that make them tricky to use with certain products.

They don’t have a bottom layer, so they’re not ideal for larger shipments; you’ll need to buy more than one box if you want to ship several large items at once.

Self-Locking Boxes

The most common type of shipping box is the self-locking box. These are made from corrugated cardboard and have a lip that locks over the top of the box when it’s closed. They’re not as strong as other boxes, but they’re easy to assemble and therefore cost less. Moreover, if you need to ship out multiple shipments within a short period, self-locking boxes are ideal because they’re super quick to assemble.

Snap Lock Tuck Boxes

Snap Lock Tuck Boxes corrugated cardboard and have one side that folds flat against the inside of the box when it’s not in use. When opened, this side becomes a handle for carrying your package. This container ships larger or heavier items and is great for protecting fragile items like glassware or ceramics during transit. These boxes also have slots on their tops so you can see what’s inside without opening them up completely.

Final Words

The most sturdy, durable shipping boxes wholesale are the ones that have a telescoping design. These are great for sending heavy items like books or large items and can withstand harsh conditions when traveling across the country. All of these boxes you can get from Alibaba.

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