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Fashion and Lifestyle Start Ups

The sustainable fashion startup Wardrobe of Tomorrow is a highly curated marketplace for sustainable and ethical clothing. Their goal is to provide consumers with new styles and empower retailers by connecting them with a conscious consumer base. Another interesting start up is Reflaunt, which gives luxury brands an intuitive platform to own the growing secondary market. The start up has a devoted team in Milan, and their mission is to help members reinvent their style, while contributing to environmental sustainability.

Another fashion startup, Thread, uses artificial intelligence and big data insights to help men and women dress better. Users input details about their personal style and wardrobe, including the brands they like and sizes of clothes. The app recommends outfits based on these inputs. The technology also helps users pair their outfits with their own pictures and styles. Its service is completely free, and it matches online garments to the wearer’s physical wardrobe, making the whole process more seamless and convenient.

Another example of a fashion and lifestyle start up is Pocket High Street, which connects shoppers with small retailers. The platform allows retailers to showcase their merchandise and connect them with customers. The startup helps these small businesses explore new avenues of growth. This kind of platform also enables businesses to connect with their customers, allowing them to target their audience with personalised offers. The startup is already partnering with select Neiman Marcus stores.

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