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How Do I Control How My Employees Use Their Business Cards?

How do I control how my employees use their own business cards? You probably have a lot of concerns about allowing your employees to use company credit cards, including risks associated with employee misuse and possible termination. Here are some steps to take to ensure that your employees don’t misuse their cards. You must make sure that your employees are aware of the rules and regulations governing employee use of company credit cards, as well as the types of business transactions you’ll tolerate.

Choose an editable template, which will allow employees to control the look of their card. Share a link to this portal with employees. Let them log in and select a design, then change generic fields with their details. This will save your company time, but also allow employees to order cards without the help of designers. Although this may sound easy, it’s important to remember that every organization has its own joker. If you’re letting 1000 employees order their cards without your oversight, you may end up with a lot of issues. To avoid these problems, implement a workflow to approve all orders.

A clear policy and guidelines can help mitigate employee bad feelings. Clearly define the spending limits and reporting requirements. Limit the number of employees allowed to use the business card and the categories of purchases. You should only grant access to employees who frequently spend company money. You don’t need your employees to spend money on unnecessary things. Make sure to limit the card’s usage to those who need it most. Also, limit the amount of time each employee can use the card, especially during work hours.

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