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How Do Pet Store Owners Buy Their Supplies?

If you’ve ever wondered how pet store owners buy their supplies, then you’re not alone. According to the Pet Industry Distributors Assn., local pet stores often outperform their national counterparts because they know their customers well and are flexible in the marketplace. They can bring on new and trending products as they come to market and have a better grasp of what their customers want. Better customer service means more profits.

When buying supplies for a pet store, remember that the costs include employee salaries, building rent, and business overhead. Savings for the customer depend on how much the store can pass along to its customers. You can avoid this middleman by purchasing directly from manufacturers. If you want to buy hay, for example, look for a local grower who can sell you bundles at a lower price. Make sure you read local zoning laws, as they may apply to pet stores.

After you decide to open your store, you need to advertise. While it’s tempting to rely on foot traffic to keep your store open, you must also advertise. It’s not enough to have great signage and plenty of pet items for sale in your store. Today, you can shop for most of the supplies your pets need on the Internet, including pet food. Regardless of the size of your local market, advertising your store is vital to ensure a steady flow of customers.

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