Pyjamas: How to Pick the Right Ones and 3 Ways to Spice Them Up

Rebecca Stead once famously said, “Pyjamas are good for the soul,” and most millennials agreed with her without a second thought. But pyjamas have divided people into two factions. One set believes you can wear pyjamas everywhere, and the other thinks they must be confined only to domestic usage. And challenging the latter school of thought, a few ideas on how sporting pyjamas in NZ could be a thing have been listed below. But first, here are a few pairs of pyjamas everyone must own:

  • The Playful Plains: Owning plain pyjamas is mandatory. It’s necessary to own solids of all kinds in your wardrobe, whether t-shirts or solid bottoms, as they are simple to sport and give an effortlessly cool look. This is the case with plain pyjamas, too, as they could be passed off as casual wear. Finding pyjamas made of materials and colours that suit you is also important. Bright colours could come in handy at slumber parties, and you could use the darker shades for outdoor walks along the beach or late-night jogs. And in terms of fabric, silk, cotton, and mixed cotton fabrics are the best, and you must avoid flimsy materials as they highlight chubby areas, don’t fit well on flesh, and give out an unkempt appearance.
  • The Print Parade: Printed pyjamas are in trend, and if you’re the kind of person who can sport anything from Mickey and Marvel to fries and emojis to the silver fern and the kiwi (New Zealand’s national symbols) on pyjamas, then you should start looking for these styles. Printed pyjamas have a unique charm and have more to do with style and statement than mere functionality. Meanwhile, when picking these pyjamas, one must pick the patterns that suit their style and are more to their taste. So, whether inspired by your favourite cartoon character, a beloved sitcom like Wellington Paranormal, or an abstract piece from the City Gallery Wellington, your pyjamas must talk about you.
  • The Pocket Basics: It’s not untrue when one says, ‘Pockets are more important to women than diamonds’. It may be exaggerated, but not far from reality. And if being minimal is your style, go for pyjamas with maybe one or two pockets. But if you like storing an entire cabinet so you won’t have to move much, go for pyjamas with more pockets.

3 Awesome Styling Ideas to Turn Your Pyjamas Into Casual Wear

  1. Pairing a solid colour pyjama top with a printed pyjama bottom: This idea is one of the simplest yet best ways to style pyjamas without needing to incorporate any additional fashion pieces at all. A little mismatch here and there, and you’ve struck the look. You could also try flipping up the combination by trying out a solid pyjama bottom and patterned top.
  2. Topping off the pyjamas with a blazer: A blazer is an absolute lifesaver in most scenarios. They are fully capable of instantly putting together most apparel choices. So, you can simply dress up in a t-shirt, pyjama outfit and joggers and throw in an oversized blazer. Add a few accessories, and you’ve pulled off this look.
  3. Sporting a pyjama shrug as a kimono over a solid combination: Don a pyjama shrug as a summery slip-on over a solid cloured t-shirt and shorts. Also, add a broad leather belt when sporting pyjamas in NZ for an added oomph factor and boho-chic look.

Sleep disorders affect a large part of the New Zealand population. A study demonstrated that 45% of New Zealanders suffered from insomnia symptoms. And one way to mitigate or eradicate these disturbances is to change your sleepwear. Sleeping in pyjamas that make you look and feel good will do you a world of good.

As you can see, anyone can use a bit of creativity to turn their comfortable PJs into streetwear and look great while doing so when it comes to wearing pyjamas in NZ. Just keep the colour combinations right, and you can pull off endless combinations.

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