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What Happens When a Soccer Game Ends 0-0?

What happens when a soccer game ends 0-0? Depending on the competition, ties are as competitive as losses. It is an indication that both teams are playing well on both offense and defense. In the majority of instances, ties are the most favorable outcome, because the opposing team will have to play a second half just to break the tie. If the game ends 0-0, the players will leave the field and begin their post-game schedule.

If the game ends in a tie, it can be decided in several ways. If the score is tied after 90 minutes, the teams will be given one point each, or the game will go to extra time and then penalties. A third option is to play a second leg to determine the champ. The game will be replayed if there are ties, but in most cases, the tie is resolved by a penalty shootout.

If a player has been sent off, the game would be over. If the ball had been passed forward, it would have gone into the goal. However, a goalkeeper would have saved the ball or an outfield player would have saved it. The goalkeeper would have made the save, and the ball would have gone over or wide of the goal. If the ball had been cleared, however, it would have gone over the goal. Similarly, if the ball had been cleared and went in the goal, it would have gone in. However, it would have been stopped by a defender or by the frame of the goal.

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