What to do After Being Served Divorce Papers?

Usually, there are two to three reactions when people are served with divorce papers. They either were expecting the papers, are not very surprised that they were served by them, or can be completely unaware of it and might get the shock of their lives. 

Whether you were expecting the divorce papers or not, the aftermath can be overwhelming, especially if no proper help is available. If you are ever in a situation like this, immediately get in touch with a divorce attorney Kenosha and tell them about it. 

Having a divorce attorney by your side in a situation like this will help you cope better. Your lawyer will ensure that your divorce is granted on fair terms and that your partner won’t deceive you. 

However, here is what you should do after being served divorce papers from your partner. 

  • Hire a divorce attorney

After your partner serves you with the divorce papers, you should first go to a divorce lawyer and get to know your rights. While one cannot stop your spouse from seeking a divorce, one can surely prolong the divorce by not agreeing to their term or not signing the divorce papers. 

Hiring a lawyer will make divorce for you, your partner, and your children much more accessible. They will run things smoothly by maintaining deadlines to complete the process as soon as possible so that each one of you can go and live your life peacefully. 

  • Counterclaim divorce papers 

Taking legal action in response to the divorce paper is a crucial step for you. Counter claiming the papers will reflect in the court as you want to participate in the trials and are ready to fight for your rights. Ask your divorce attorney to draft and deliver the papers with your terms and conditions mentioned in them and submit them before the court’s deadline. 

  • Maintain your assets and finances 

Once you have filed the divorce papers, your attorney will tell you to focus on building a solid case for yourself. Start listing all the assets and financial reports of what you have contributed to this marriage. This will act as support for your divorce claim. Moreover, when dealing with your finances, you should consider openings separate private bank accounts. Although the court will not freeze your joint accounts, it is not advised to withdraw any cash from there. 

Hence, opening a private account and directing all the future cheques into it is probably the best solution to avoid complications. 

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