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Which is the Best Technology for Website Designing?

CSS and HTML are the backbone of website designing. They both tell the browser what elements on a website should be displayed and how they should be styled. Depending on the type of website, CSS or HTML may be used to create different layouts and look and feel for the site. HTML and CSS are used to make a website look and function properly across different browsers. However, CSS is more suited for complex websites and requires advanced knowledge of HTML.

For example, a Railsware website uses custom graphics, diagrams, and custom icons to convey the story. It is important to remember that most website visitors don’t read content – they scan. Rather than reading content, they skim to determine whether the website is relevant to their needs. Use of easily digestible metrics will grab the visitor’s attention. These metrics can be specific stats or percentages that validate the performance of the technology.

As websites are becoming more complex, they can be made more interactive with fluid animations. Liquid animations can be used to transition between two pages or hover over certain elements. Some websites use this technique to bring motion to static pages, while others use it to add animations to specific elements. To use this technique effectively, web designers must be able to execute it perfectly. Less navigation means more room for content.

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