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Who Are the Top 10 Fashion Designers in the US Now?

The list is long, but the most exciting new talent is still relatively unknown. The woman behind DKNY, Donna Karan, launched her label in 1984. Her collections reflect New York’s unassuming character and blend high-precision tailoring with elusive patterns and elegant silhouettes. The brand’s range of clothing spans from outerwear to shoes, jewelry and accessories. Its eponymous collection, “DKNY,” has been endorsed by celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone and Katie Holmes.

Known for his colorful and innovative collections, Tommy Hilfiger was born in 1951 and began his career with a store specializing in hippie gear. Hilfiger transitioned to making preppy clothes in 1985, and today maintains a youth-centric focus, collaborating with up-to-date talent and brands. In addition, Hilfiger is dedicated to sustainability, becoming the first US fashion house to use 100% recycled cotton fabric.

Another designer with a storied history is Mike Amiri. This Indiana native has won multiple awards for his designs, and his designs have inspired many rock stars. Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith were fans of his work. Although Amiri is no longer alive, his legacy continues to influence the fashion world today. There are few who can rival this man’s reputation.

Ralph Lauren is one of America’s most prolific fashion designers. He started out selling neckwear in the Empire State Building, and has since gone on to create a line known as Polo. The Polo brand is a favorite of many, and he has partnered with the major league baseball team to make sophisticated baseball gear. Several other iconic American designers are also on the list. So, who are the top 10 fashion designers in the US now?

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