Inside the construction sector, summer is typically a busy time. Sadly, the season brings a slew of hazards for workers, and the heat exacerbates many of them. Contact the construction accident attorneys in Rochester for a free consultation and the legal assistance you might need in the unfortunate event of a job site accident.

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Let’s dive into the most common dangers construction workers face throughout the warmer months.

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Illness Caused by Heat

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Construction workers face incredibly high temperatures throughout the summer months. The chances of heat-related illness are exceptionally high for new employees and those who just had time off work. Although the human body’s ability to resist heat increases with regular, constant exposure, it swiftly deteriorates after only a few days of no sun exposure.

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The following are a few of the predominant heat-related illnesses:

Body temperatures of 103°F or above, redness, a rapid pulse, migraine, dizziness, vertigo, excessive sweating, pale skin, and rashes all imply a heatstroke. Visit this site Click here and also Visit here


Dehydration, which eventually leads to illness, concerns construction workers who don’t consume enough water. Sweating too much, nausea, and dysentery are all signs of dehydration.

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Sunburns encountered by outdoor workers in the summertime can be severe. Pain, redness, and, in some circumstances, blisters on the skin are some of the most typical warning symptoms of a significant sunburn.

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The injuries that laborers sustain over the summers are the same throughout the year, but they are more common during this time since building projects ramp up during the summer months. Here are several examples:

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Falling causes the highest number of deaths during construction regardless of the season. Workers are significantly more likely to fall on the worksites if they are not adequately trained or provided with suitable safety equipment.

Vehicle Mishap:  Construction staff working in highway work zones may be at increased risk throughout the summer, primarily because of the enormous volume of road work. There usually are more vehicles on roads during the summer as the students have their summer breaks. Learn about history and trends today!

Being Smashed Against an Object

Crush injury is another major hazard that all construction workers must contend with. Crush injuries are more frequent when equipment is malfunctioning or poorly maintained or when the personnel isn’t adequately trained to utilize it. Check out this site to get more info.

All the concerns listed above are avoidable. Multiple entities, including motorists, landowners, and construction machinery manufacturers, are responsible for protecting worker safety. Construction project managers and supervisors, on the other hand, are most accountable for assuring worker safety. Managers who fail to provide safe working environments or guarantee that workers have regular breaks out from the sun may be held legally liable for the injuries suffered by workers.

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