Why Should You Consider Buying Platinum?

Ever considered buying precious metals? If the answer is no, reconsider your decision, as the world has shifted from purchasing gold and diamond to a certain greyish-white metal. Earlier, people preferred gold and silver for their jewellery pieces. Then came diamonds, which quickly became everyone’s favourite due to their attractive look. Now is the turn for platinum which has become extremely popular due to its rarity and sturdiness. So, consider reading till the end to know why you should buy it.

Reasons to Buy This Precious Metal

1 It Doesn’t Fade Away

Ever thought about why a piece of this white metal jewellery that you bought years ago shines almost the same way as it used to be when it was new? Well, the answer is simple. Compared with white gold, its lustre and shine stay longer, and the metal doesn’t chip.

2 A Durable Metal

Durability is one of the properties due to which the metal is extremely popular among enthusiasts. It stands the test of time and doesn’t usually wear so easily compared to other metals. This is why it is used in making rings and bangles that look almost the same even after years of buying them.

3 Purest Metal

Credited as the purest metal, its purity stands at 98%. It is a tough metal that needs no mixing with any other metals, unlike gold which is readily available in its purest form and is so soft that it cannot retain its shape for a long time.

4 Non-Allergic

Unlike other metals, this one is hypoallergenic, which makes it a top favourite among its admirers. As it is unreactive, people with certain skin issues can wear it without stress.

5 There Is No Fixed Price

While you can track gold prices daily, buyers cannot track the white metal prices. The greyish-white metal has no price benchmark, which means it can be sold for different prices for the same quantity. The quality can also vary from one jeweller to another, just like diamonds. This usually happens because the cost of this metal depends on the price a jeweller has to give to source it from the vendor.

6 Market for Potential Investment

Earlier, people used to invest in gold, but after being drawn to other options, they started investing in the white metal due to its market potential. Besides, you probably know that this metal is used in catalytic converters in automobiles. So, with the growth of the automobile sector, one can only expect enormous demands for this metal, making it an excellent option for investment.

How to Check for the Authenticity of the Metal?

Have you decided to buy this metal online or from a store? But before that, you must check its authenticity. And to avoid buying silver or white gold instead of this one, consider the following things before buying this metal.

Check for Hallmark

The precious metal has two marks, PLAT and Pt, which are always on the metal. So, if there is no hallmark on the piece, do not consider buying it as it’s not genuine.

Check for Scratches

As it is a hard metal, it is not prone to scratches on its surface, whereas silver can easily get scratched. Therefore, it is recommended to do a scratch test before buying the metal.

Platinum is a lustrous metal with admirers from all over the world due to its sturdiness and shine. It is rarer than gold, making it even more special. So like everyone, if you are also thinking of buying it either for investment or as a gift to your loved ones, then consider researching more about it so that you get the best deal and do not buy something inauthentic. Good luck!

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